Book Review: In Flames: A Thriller

In Flames

Author: Richard Hilary Weber

Publisher: Alibi, February 2015

Genre: Thriller

Format: Kindle e-reader

Dan Shedrick has just graduated from Princeton with a degree in architecture. The economy is so bad that he can’t find a decent paying job in his field. It seems his only option is a job on San Inigo, an island in the Caribbean.

As soon as he lands, Dan knows he isn’t going to be living on an island paradise. Armored tanks and canons surround the airport. The ride into the capital city takes him past numerous shantytowns. The capital city where he is to live is a “protected” city, but still that’s not confidence building for Dan.

As Dan settles in, he feels most comfortable when he’s at a golf or country-club style resort. He chooses to spend most of his free time there and then moves there. A steamy love affair with the wife of the resort’s manager follows, and then a murdered body. It’s not long before he is kidnapped, taken to the jungle, tortured, and finally rescued.

My Thoughts:

There wasn’t much to like about Dan. There wasn’t much to hate about him either. He never really came alive for me. Although I couldn’t connect with Dan, I plodded through. It looked like this might be an interesting murder mystery. I’m always up for that.

Unfortunately, things went off course somewhere in the middle of the book. I normally would have given up and just stopped reading. Since this was a book for a book tour, I stuck it out until the end. I’m very sorry to say, In Flames didn’t redeem itself for me in the end. I sincerely hope it was just me.

This is the eighth book I’ve read from the new Alibi Publishing group, a division of Random House. The books are all e-readers, generally less than 250 pages, fast-paced and really good. I guess it’s okay to have one or two mis-steps when you’re starting out.

Just because I can’t recommend this book to my friends, doesn’t mean I won’t stop recommending Alibi books. In particular, the works of Nick Pengelley and Michael Murphy really deliver a fun and hang-onto-your-seat reading experience. Try those.

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