Book Review: Pack of Dorks by Beth Vradel

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I hope you don’t mind if I do a little grandmotherly bragging. My granddaughter, Lou (age 9), has well-rounded interests. She’s a good friend, a good soccer player, and is quite the reader.

Lou has already read most of the Newberry winners, all the Harry Potter’s, the Lemony Snickets, plus all sorts of other children’s classic and contemporary books. Best of all, Lou has good taste in literature and can critically analyze what she’s read. Lou has joined her older sister in making good book recommendations to me.

One of the books Lou recommended recently is Pack of Dorks by Beth Vrabel. I’m rather fond of children in this age group covered by this novel. Kids in this age group (9 to 10 year olds) don’t quite have that fully developed verbal and social filter they’ll have in another year.

These kids interpret the world exactly as they see it. They are also trying to figure out how they fit into the scheme of things. When Lou told me to read Pack of Dorks, she said it would give me a good look at fourth graders. She was right. My goodness, she was so right!


To give you the flavor of the story I’m going to share with you the story’s beginning:

Pack of Dorks
This was the biggest recess of my life.

Today, I would become—officially—the bravest, most daring, and by far the most mature fourth-grader at Autumn Grove Intermediate School.

Today, as soon as that bell rang, I was on my way to becoming a legend.

Today, I was going to kiss Tom Lemming.

Here’s the plan: The whole class will run outside. Tom will head straight to the ball shed with Henry. Becky and I will check and double check that Ms. Drake and Mr. Peverell aren’t paying attention. Then we’ll sneak behind the shed too.


This incident is just the beginning of the high drama that will be a part of Lucy’s life in the fourth grade. She learns what it’s like to be one of the kids everyone else picks on, the one no one wants to eat lunch with. As Lucy become aware of the unique differences in all the kids in her classroom, she also has some challenges at home. The whole family, but especially her mom, become stressed when a new baby, who is “different,” joins the family. Lucy’s fourth-grade year is very challenging. Lucy comes to appreciate the wide range of individuals who people her life.

Lou Pack of DorksLou and I both loved this book. We believe the author really understands what it’s like to be this age. There were times in the story when the characters made us feel sad and mad, disappointed and concerned. But, there were also times when we laughed out-loud or just smiled. We identified with the struggles of Lucy, of the clueless girl who picked her nose, and truly felt the pain of the boy who wished people wouldn’t notice him. They were all very real.

We were critical of the adults in the story, particularly the teachers. We didn’t understand why the fourth-grade teacher didn’t notice that all her students were out back behind the ball shed. Or why she didn’t notice the boy in the front row who never talked. Not that all teachers are perfect, but these things seemed like they should be basics for all teachers.

We particularly loved the storytelling and the dialogue in Pack of Dorks. The issues – bullying, kids with special needs, and respect for individual differences was not above the understanding of fourth-graders.  This is the author’s first book, but we’re very hopeful she’ll soon give us another one.

Five star rating from both Lou and her Nana.

Pack of Dorks was published by Sky Pony Press, October 2014.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Pack of Dorks by Beth Vradel

  1. Kay says:

    Margot, I loved the fact that you bragged on Lou. Such a wonderful thing that you and she can share your love of reading. It will make such wonderful memories for her. PACK OF DORKS sounds like a really fun book. I’ll have to watch out for it at the library. I don’t have any elementary aged kids to suggest books to anymore, but my daughter and son-in-law have a 4-year-old niece. I’ll have to start keeping a list for her. She loves to come to their house and head upstairs to “read” her books, my daughter’s old Berenstain Bear books and others. I’m so happy that those books I saved are getting a second life.

  2. candice says:

    I first read this review on Goodreads, and I love it! Great review. Also, thanks for bragging about my wonderful daughter (as it always sounds better coming from the grandparents).
    I found PACK OF DORKS on the library display shelf and was intrigued by the title. The story sounded interesting and the first page drew me in. I recommended it to “Lou” and was glad she liked it. I finally read this book too, and really enjoyed it (my first read of 2015). There are some sad parts that are painful to read, but fortunately it has a pretty rosy ending. I think its a good message for kids this age, and it gets them thinking about being a good friend and what that looks like to be a friend.
    thanks for sharing, mom!

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