Book Review: Deadline by John Sandford

Publisher: Putnam / Pegquin Audio 2014
Audiobook Narrated by Eric Conger

The last couple of years it’s become a part of our holiday road-trip to listen to a Virgil Flowers story. This year on the way back home we listened to Deadline. This the eighth book in John Sandford’s series.

In this new adventure one of Virgil’s old buddies asks Virgil for his help and advice concerning a serious case of dog-napping. So Virgil hooked up his boat and went down to the eastern section of Minnesota, right on the Mississippi River. This was, of course, during Virgil’s free time.

Virgil had only been in the small town of this isolated area a couple of days when a local reporter was murdered. Virgil’s boss, Lucas Davenport, asks Virgil to investigate. Virgil is perfect at nosing around this sort of crime in a small town. Most good people trust Virgil and they are comfortable telling Virgil all sorts of things.

Gradually, Virgil became aware that the reporter had been investigating and writing a story about corruption within the local school system. What’s going on at those secret “personnel” meetings? Virgil will dig and dig and make new friends and push his way into figuring everything out.

Virgil’s main focus becomes solving the reporter’s murder, but he also takes time to work on the dog-napping case. He also discovers a big-time meth lab in the backwoods and he helps out the DEA with that.

I really like the characters that John Sandford creates. I think he outdid himself in this book. The dog-napping group almost become a comical vigilante group that Virgil used for a beautiful ending. The members of the school board were almost over the top. The small town and backwoods people were spot on. I especially liked a boy who lived in the backwoods. He helped Virgil with several crucial pieces of information.

Book #8 was another fun experience with Virgil Flowers. Traveling with him makes the interstate boredom fly by. We chuckle and often laugh out loud. I highly recommend the audio version of Deadline, especially if you have a road trip coming up.

Each book in the series can stand alone, but are more enjoyable when read in order. Here is the list of all the Virgil Flowers books. Click the titles to read my reviews.

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3 Responses to Book Review: Deadline by John Sandford

  1. I love this series – Virgil is such a great character!

  2. Kaye,the sister, Cogdill says:

    If you can believe this, Don has only read one and I have read none in the series…what happened here? Usually we have similar tastes…so I am going to give it a go…only because you and Jay are such big fans! Will let you know the outcome! ya, kaye-the-sister

  3. kelley says:

    this sounds like a series I need to look in to. nice review.

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