Book Review: Rooted In Love: An Amish Garden Novella

Rooted in LoveBeth Wiseman
Published by Thomas Nelson, June 2014

Every once in a while I like reading a good Christian Romance. Back in 2009 I read Beth Wiseman’s debut novel, Plain Perfect. It was a well written, thoughtful Amish story, but I lost track of her writing in the intervening years. When I saw her latest story advertised, I decided to check it out.

Rooted In Love is the story of Rosemary and Saul. They’ve known each other most of their lives. In fact, they dated for a few months when they were sixteen. Rosemary broke it off after overhearing something negative about Saul. He has always wondered what went wrong.

After the break-up Rosemary’s mother died and, as the eldest girl, it was her job to take charge of the household work and also the care of her father and younger brothers. She’s had no time for herself.

Because of a simple accident Rosemary’s father’s ankle is broken. Saul feels responsible so he offers to finish the spring planting on the farm. Rosemary’s father asks Saul to also put in a vegetable garden. Suddenly, Saul is back in Rosemary’s life on a daily basis. That’s okay with Saul because he has never stopped loving Rosemary. He wants time to break through her reserves and somehow convince her to spend the rest of their lives together.

Rooted In Love was a lovely, satisfying story. It had the religious element without being preachy. I like the simple life featured in Amish lifestyle stories. The love story is always a basic one. No sophisticated games being played or double entendres.

I have only one complaint. The author described vegetables brought over by a neighbor that were out-of-seeason. It was spring in Pennsylvania and there is no way the neighbor would be able to bring tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini from her garden at that time of year. It’s simply too cold. It’s a minor issue but it bothered me.

The main part of the story, the romance, was done beautifully. If you are interested in Beth Wiseman’s books, I recommend starting with her first one, Plain  Perfect. To read my review, go here: Plain Perfect

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  1. kelley says:

    It sounds like a sweet story and the cover is lovely too. Thanks for the tip.

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