First Paragraph: Sycamore Row

I’m finishing up John Grisham’s latest legal thriller, Sycamore Row. It’s a visit back to some of  the characters and the countryside of Grisham’s earliest novel, A Time to Tell. I’m loving it. Here’s how it begins:

Sycamore RowThey found Seth Hubbard in the general area where he had promised to be, though not exactly in the condition expected. He was at the end of a rope, six feet off the ground and twisting slightly in the wind. A front was moving through and Seth was soaked when they found him, not that it mattered. Someone would point out that there was no mud on his shoes and no tracks below him, so therefore he was probably hanging and dead when the rain began. Why was that important? Ultimately, it was not.  

What do you think?
Would you keep going?

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18 Responses to First Paragraph: Sycamore Row

  1. Diane says:

    I loved this one – great intro too. Enjoy

  2. I haven’t read John Grisham in ages, but my father would love this one. I’ll have to pick it up for him.

  3. I love Grisham, but haven’t read this one! I need to add it to my TBR list!

  4. I really like this beginning! It really sort of shows the pointlessness of death but is also quite tragic in its own way! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope you have a great week!
    My Intro & Teaser
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  5. I’ve got a copy of this Grisham novel in a TBR pile. Hope you enjoy it.

    My Tuesday post:

  6. I saw this one at Barnes & Noble and almost picked it up. This one does sound good…I should go back and get it!

    Thanks for sharing…and here’s THE FROM-AWAYS

  7. Rita_h says:

    I love most of the Grisham books, just bought a used copy of The Innocent Man a few days ago, and I re-read A Time to Kill last year(which Sycamore Row is the sequel to).
    Yes, I would continue and I need to pick this up soon. Thanks!

  8. I read Time to Kill so long ago that I worry I’d feel a little lost reading this one. It does sound good though!

  9. oh my goodness yes! keep reading! and do tell us more…
    I’ve posted for today’s release of #3 Drew Farthering mysteries “a href=””>MURDER AT THE MIKADO

  10. sorry – hadn’t noticed my link wasn’t complete ! here’s the right one..
    I’ve posted for today’s release of #3 Drew Farthering mysteries MURDER AT THE MIKADO

  11. kelley says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this, I’m waiting for the price to drop. Do you think I’m hoping in vain? enjoy your book, I’ll watch for your review. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  12. He is such a best seller and you wouldn’t believe it, I’ve never even read one of his book. Just always seemed to have to much other stuff on. I should really give him a try.
    Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

  13. Kaye,the sister, Cogdill says:

    Yes I would read it…oh wait, I already have and this is a great read…one of his best! and yes, it helps to re-read Time to Kill as a refresher…Grisham never disappoints…can’t wait to read your spin on this!

  14. Yes, you got my attention with that opener. John Grisham is an author I enjoy reading. I hope you’re enjoying this one.
    Here’s mine

  15. The intro sounds really good. I don’t think I’ve read Grisham before. I think I will add A Time To Kill and Sycamore Row to my ‘To Read’ list. Enjoy!

  16. Paulita says:

    I usually enjoy Grisham books, so I would try this one. Here’s Mine

  17. Yvonne says:

    Interesting teaser. I would keep reading.

  18. I would love to read this book, but my copy has not made it back to my house.

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