Book Review: Thursday at Noon: A Mideast Political Thriller

Thursday At Noon

Author: William F. Brown   –   Narrator: Eddie Frierson

I want to start off by gushing and saying OMG, Thursday at Noon is AMAZING!! I won’t do that because, well, I am a mature woman and gushing is unseemly behavior. So I will simply tell you that I thought this book was a REALLY great spy thriller. Here’s what it’s about:

It’s 1962 and Richard Thomson is a veteran CIA agent. Thomson is actually a disgraced CIA agent for something that happened in Damascus. Although no one really likes him there, he’s stationed in Cairo.

As the story opens, we learn that Thomson has spent the day in a bar. He’s feeling down, not only because his career is on the skids. but also because he doesn’t really have anything to do. While he’s in the bar, a shady character slinks up to him and tries to sell him a packet of photos. Thomson is afraid he’s being set up, so he refuses the offer. The only picture he saw was of an old German SS officer, but he doesn’t think anything of it. That is, until the man in the bar is murdered and the police think Thomson did it.

And that is the beginning of a very good cold-war thriller. The story involves a dead Mussad agent, a lot of activity at an abandoned military airbase outside Cairo, old Nazis and underground German SS agents, a plot to overthrow the Eyptian government, a very savvy Chief of Homicide, and rockets with nuclear capabilities. It’s all leading up to something that is supposed to happen at noon on Thursday.

The author wrote an excellent, fast-paced plot that was hard to put down. I liked the main character, Thomson. I was cheering for him as he tried to put all the puzzle pieces together. I was afraid he’d get himself killed doing it. I also liked the Chief of Homicide, Sala. He was very perceptive like all good detectives, but he also had heart and a good sense of what was the right thing to do. Over all of that, there was an underlying sense of humor. It was a serious story, but some of the character’s antics made me laugh – in a good way.

I had one complaint as I first started reading: there were many old cliches. Somehow as I read further, the cliches seemed to fit into the story. There was also quite a bit of violence but, it too fit the story.

I listened to the audiobook version, thanks to the  author. Although the book was published two years ago, the audiobook version is new this year. In my opinion, that was a smart way to go. Eddie Frierson was the narrator and he made the characters come alive. He did such a fantastic job of it that he really enhanced the entire book experience for me. The book was rich with dialogue and Mr. Frierson had a different and distinct voice  for every  character. That was no easy feat, as there were over a dozen characters. My favorite voices were the Boston-accented American Ambassador, the ex-Nazi General, the Homicide Chief, the Irish bar owner, and, of course, Thomson.

I highly recommend letting your ears do the reading on this one. It’s a first-rate spy thriller that is well read and acted. Go ahead and give yourself a treat.

For more information on the author’s other books, visit his website here:  Bill Brown’s Thrillers

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  1. kelley says:

    I think my husband would really like this one.

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