Book Review: Storm Front by John Sandford

Storm Front

Putnam 2013

In the last couple of years, every time my husband and I have taken a road trip, we’ve done so with John Sandford. He’s one of the authors we both like and the audiobook’s narrator seems like an old friend. This past month we drove to and from Portland, a twelve-hour drive one way. I had just received Storm Front from Penguin Audio, so into the truck it went.

Storm Front is number seven in John Sandford’s Virgil Flowers series. We both really like Virgil. He makes us laugh even though Virgil might be involved in some serious stuff. It’s as if we are on a road trip/crime-solving adventure with Virgil.

This time around Virgil’s adventures revolved around a dying professor from Mankato, Minnesota. The professor has supposedly unearthed an extremely valuable artifact on a dig in Israel. He not only found it but, in the middle of the night, he took it out of the camp, left Israel, and went back in Minnesota.

The professor is taking bids on the artifact, under the table of course. The people who are “bidding on” (trying to steal) it are quite a mix. There are Turks, a couple of Mossad agents (or pretend Mossad), a TV star, an archeologist from Texas, and some guys from somewhere in a nation bordering Israel (they won’t say). Each character was either crazy, dangerous, or hilarious. Some were all three.

Virgil’s job was to capture the professor, get the artifact back and return it to Israel. How Virgil does that while at the same time juggling the antics of all these people is the heart of the book. This one might not be the best Virgil Flowers story but it was still good fun to listen to. It definitely made the interstate driving hours pass in a pleasant way.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Storm Front by John Sandford

  1. I love Virgil Flowers too! This book sounds terrific. I love that y’all listened to it together!

  2. Beth F says:

    I haven’t read this series yet. I love it when a book is perfect for a road trip.

  3. Hi, Margot! I hopped over from the “weather” theme of the What’s in a Name Challenge. Good choice!

    I read a Virgil Flowers book, probably at your recommendation. This reminds me that I wanted to keep going with this series.

  4. Sounds a lot of fun, and I agree with Joy, good choice for the weather. Well done on completing the category!

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