Two Whiskey Creek Novels by Brenda Novak

I’m still on a reading break from serious minded books. For the last two weeks I’ve been readog Romance novels. Last week I read a classic Suzanne Elizabeth Phillips and this week I tried a new series by Brenda Novak.

I received a copy of Home to Whiskey Creek from the publisher. I read it first even though it’s actually Book 4 in the series. I really enjoyed it so I went back and read the first book When You Touch Me.

The books are set in a small fictious town, Whiskey Creek, which is about an hour’s drive from Sacremento, California. Here’s a short summary of both books:

HomeToWhiskeyCreekHome to Whiskey Creek features Noah and Addy. This story is a little complicated and a mystery. The mystery is something that happened back when Addy was sixteen. Addy attended a party that was disastrous for her and for Noah’s twin brother, Cody.

Cody didn’t survive the party. Addy did, but what happened changed her life and it still haunts her. She left town, went to college, became a chef and has now returned to Whiskey Creek to help her grandmother make a decision about her restaurant.

Within a few days of her arrival back in town, someone abducts her, beats her up and throws her down an abandoned mine. Noah, a professional biker, heard Addy’s cry for help and comes to her rescue.

Strangely, after the rescue, Addy avoids Noah. Noah doesn’t know about Addy’s experience fifteen years ago and Addy is scared to tell him or anyone. She’s been told that her grandnoither will be killed if she talks.


WhenWeTouchWhen You Touch Me is the story of Olivia, a professional wedding-planner. She’s returning to Whiskey Creek to take charge of her younger sister’s wedding. Olivia’s manipulative sister is marrying Olivia’s boyfriend. It was only three months ago that Olivia asked her boyfriend to take a break, but already he and her sister are expecting a baby and now getting married.

Olivia doesn’t really want to go back and arrange the wedding, but her parents need the help. Fortunately, Olivia finds someone willing to help her. He’s Brandon, her ex-boyfriend’s step-brother. He’s had a “thing” for her since he was a junior in high school.

I enjoyed both of these novels. When You Touch Me was a sweet story with some humorous moments. I liked both Olivia and Brandon and was glad when I met them again in Home to Whiskey Creek. That book was longer which allowed the author time to develop the characters and the plot. I especially liked Noah. He was an honest guy and just wanted to do the right thing. This book was also a sweet one but it had the bonus of being a good mystery.

Brenda Novak has been writing romance novels for since 1998. She has over 35 books on her list. For more about the author, check her website here: Brenda Novak

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