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Did you know they awarded Grammys to audiobooks? I learned that earlier this year. They are called the Grammy Awards for the Best Spoken Word Albums. I got the list and tried to listen to all of the nominees for 2013. Unfortunately, our library only had three of them. I listened to all three and can defintely say they are all winners.

The two books I missed are the winner, Society’s Child by Janis Ian, and Seriously. . .I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres. Hopefully, the library will acquire them and I’ll have a chance to read them too.

In the meantime, here are the three I did listen to.
BackToWorkBack To Work: Why We Need Smart Government For A Strong Economy
Bill Clinton
Random House Audio/Books on Tape

Summary from the publisher:

President Bill Clinton gives us his views on the challenges facing the United States today and why government matters—presenting his ideas on restoring economic growth, job creation, financial responsibility, resolving the mortgage crisis, and pursuing a strategy to get us “back in the future business.” He explains how we got into the current economic crisis, and offers specific recommendations on how we can put people back to work, increase bank lending and corporate investment, double our exports, restore our manufacturing base, and create new businesses.

My thoughts:

I liked listening to Bill Clinton’s voice and his common sense approach to our country’s economic and political problems. At times he talked too fast and I had to press pause and think about what he just said. But, overall, he made sense and I agreed with his suggestions. Even if you’re not a Bill Clinton fan, it’s worth listening to what he has to say.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

DriftDrift: The Unmooring Of American Military Power
Rachel Maddow
Random House Audio/Books on Tape
Summary from the publisher:

Written with bracing wit and intelligence, Rachel Maddow’s Drift argues that we’ve drifted away from America’s original ideals and become a nation weirdly at peace with perpetual war. To understand how we’ve arrived at such a dangerous place, Maddow takes us from the Vietnam War to today’s war in Afghanistan, along the way exploring Reagan’s radical presidency, the disturbing rise of executive authority, the gradual outsourcing of our war-making capabilities to private companies, the plummeting percentage of American families whose children fight our constant wars for us, and even the changing fortunes of G.I. Joe. Ultimately, she shows us just how much we stand to lose by allowing the scope of American military power to overpower our political discourse.

 Sensible yet provocative, dead serious yet seriously funny, Drift will reinvigorate a “loud and jangly” political debate about our vast and confounding national security state.

My thoughts:d

This is one I’m telling everyone to read. It’s a smart common sense look at our country’s penchant for constant war-making. I am already a Rachel Maddow fan so it was a pleasure to listen to her. No one does sarcastic humor better than Rachel does. She’s an extremely smart woman but she manages to speak and write so that ordinary people can understand. Well worth listening to.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

AmericanGrownAmerican Grown
Michelle Obama, Author / Scott Creswell and Dan Zitt, Readers
Random House Audio/Books on Tape

Summary from the publisher:

In her first-ever book, American Grown, Mrs. Obama invites you inside the White House Kitchen Garden and shares its inspiring story, from the first planting to the latest harvest.  Hear about her worries as a novice gardener – would the new plants even grow? Learn about her struggles and her joys as lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb flourished in the freshly tilled soil.  Get an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at every season of the garden’s growth, with striking original photographs that bring its story to life.  Try the unique recipes created by White House chefs and made with ingredients just picked from the White House garden.  And learn from the White House Garden team about how you can help plant your own backyard, school or community garden.

My thoughts:

This was an excellent book but only an okay audio. I had to also check out the hardback book because I wanted to see all the great pictures and drawings of the garden. The book is organized according to the seasons and is easy to follow. Beginning gardeners and master gardeners alike will enjoy reading about Mrs. Obama’s first experience with a garden. There are plenty of practical ideas here as well.

If you are interested in seeing the list of Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word, go HERE.
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3 Responses to Award-Winning Audiobooks

  1. It sounds like I need to read Drift. American Grown sounds much better suited to print to me.

  2. Staci says:

    I’m not a fan of any of these people but I would be willing to listen to Clinton’s book. 🙂

  3. Beth F says:

    I did know that they have a Grammy for best spoken word but am disappointed that they picked only famous people instead of the true best performed audio. Unlike Staci, I’m a fan of all five nominees, but I not convinced that they are the best performances …

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