The Perfect Egg Salad Sandwich

Last week I finished reading Heather Lende’s If You Lived Here I’d Know Your Name. I so thoroughly enjoyed the book and spending time in Heather’s world in small-town Alaska.

I felt in sync with this woman in many of her beliefs and habits. For one, she and I are in complete agreement in our love of raising chickens and their by-product, eggs. Nearly every day each chicken gives us one more egg. As Heather says, “When you find [an egg] in the straw-lined box that you have made just for this purpose, it is as exciting as if you laid the egg yourself.”

FreshEggsHome-grown egg producers like Heather and me enjoy eggs for breakfast most mornings. We also like a good egg salad sandwich for lunch. My egg salad sandwich differs from Heather’s. I like mine chopped with a little onion, celery, dill pickle relish and mayo.

Heather believes the “perfect egg salad sandwich can’t be made until the end of August, because that’s when you have fresh lettuce and red tomatoes in your garden.” This essay on the perfect egg salad sandwich was hilarious and took me back to the days when I too was a mom with kids in school. She started her day anticipating the perfect egg salad sandwich for lunch. She believes she has plenty of time, but then one thing after another interrupts her day. It’s not until an hour before the kids are home from school that she can finally stop, make her sandwich, and enjoy it in peace. Here, in her own words, is

EggSaladSandHeather Lende’s Perfect Egg Salad Sandwich.

“This is how you make the perfect egg salad sandwich: boil two eggs, rinse them in cold water, and peel them. Add some half-and-half, a pinch of salt and ground pepper. Mash it all up with a fork and spread it on toasted sourdough bread. (Buy it from the bakery; it’s better than you can make, and you’ve spent way too much time on this sandwich already.) Lay on lettuce leaves, then a thick slice of tomato. Spread some mayonnaise on the other piece of toast and place it on top. Cut it diagonally; put it on a china plate, next to a cloth napkin and a cup of hot tea. Take a deep breath and say a little private grace.”

Haven’t we all been there? After a hectic day, a simple sandwich feels like the perfect meal.

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