Wondrous Words #182

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a fun meme I love to play each week. It keeps me looking for new words wherever I’m reading. It’s the brainchild of Kathy at Bermuda Onion’s Weblog. Be sure to visit her.

I’m nearly done reading In Need of a Good Wife by Kelley O’Connor McNees. I found a few new words in the story so far.

1.  stasis: She no longer saw her existence as an ascening march toward happiness; instead, it was a stasis to be endured, a clanging and sputteroing machine that produced nothing.

Stasis is a period or state of inactivity.

2.  paucity: Some of them knew it and some of them had deluded themselves with the notion that it was merely the paucity of women in town keeping them single.

Paucity means the presence of something only in small or insufficient quantities.

3.  prevenient: Your thoughts on Wesley’s concept of prevenient grace are heartening, too, as I concur rendering of Christ’s compassion than strict adherence to Calvinist doctrine.

Prevenient means preceding in time or order.

Those are my new words for the week. I hope you’ve had a good week in which you discovered some new words in your world.

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