The Road Trip Is Over

We are home at last. It’s always good to come home after a long trip. We had such a wonderful road trip. It was a departure from the usual tow-the-RV kind of trip for us. We wanted an old-fashioned road trip like the ones we’ve taken so many times in the past before the RV.

Back in the 70s when we did loads of car-camping, we had what is known as a “stampede box.” I think this idea may have originated with Sunset Magazine. What it was was a wooden box created to hold basic camping gear or at least camp-kitchen equipment. Everything is in the box and when one feels like going camping, you grab the box and “stampede” off to the camp site.

We actually still have our old red stampede box. This time we wanted something bigger to hold all our camping gear. The stampede box holds everything from tent to sleeping bags to cots, chairs and food supplies and equipment. It sits in the back of our truck near the tailgate.

My husband created the new stampede box pictured above by measuring out each item we would need. I think the box was successful because we had everything we needed in one place. It made road-tripping so much smoother.

One other item helpful on our trip was Road Food by Jane and Michael Stern. This is the latest book in the Stern’s series of places around the country to find good food. We stopped at several places in the book, most notably The Loveless Cafe, Voodoo Donuts, and Huber’s Family Farm. The Sterns always deliver the best recommendations for good eating. I kept the book in a door pocket on my side of the truck. As you can see, I’d already marked various restaurants and diners before we started the trip.

It’s hard to pick just one or two things that stand out as special on this trip. There were so many. We certainly enjoyed our time with each of our two daughters and granddaughters. The trip to Gettysburg was remarkable and so much fun because my sister and her husband experienced it with us. But now it’s time to settle back into our everyday routine — whatever that is. We’ve already started thinking about where we’ll take that stampede box next. You know how it is: the road is always calling our name.

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