Wondrous Words #179

Thanks for stopping by to check on the new words I’ve discovered in my reading.

I’ve been reading some of Agatha Christie’s short stories. It’s a whole set featuring a very likeable fellow named Mr. Parker Pyne. He’s a businessman whose goal is to help people be happy in interesting ways. Here are a few new words I’ve picked up while reading.

1. ramp: “I saw your advertisement. I thought it was probably just a ramp, but it stayed in my mind.

Ramp is slang for a joke or a trick.

2. mendaciously: “What is the language?” “Russian,” said Jules mendaciously.

To speak mendaciously is to speak untruthfully, or to lie.

3. efficacious: Something hard and shining was pressed into Mr. Roberts’ hand. “A small weapon but efficacious,” said the stranger, smiling.

Efficacious is another way to say effective.

4. deal: There was a deal washstand with a jug and basin upon it.

The word deal is a simple one but it didn’t seem to fit in that sentence. I did a bit of research on the various definitions for the word and finally settled on this one: an attractive price or a bargain. This is strictly my opinion but it seems to imply that it was an inexpensive washstand.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a meme created and sponsored by Kathy at Bermuda Onion. Be sure to visit her for more new words.

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