We’re On the Road Again . . .

My husband and I have road fever. We are off to see a big part of the United States. This time the RV is staying in northern California at our son’s home. We’re going back to the good old camping methods: pitch a tent and drag out the sleeping bags.

We’re very excited about this indulgence. Tent camping has been a lifelong love of both ot us. In fact, when we first met, fifty years ago, it was one of the things we had in common.

My husband didn’t want to tow the big 5th Wheel on this trip, so we’re going with a more relaxed, a slower mode of travel. We actually took a practice trip a while back to make sure we still loved tent camping. We do. We had a great time, so here we go.

We have a great itinerary planned. Our first stop is the Wawona section of Yosemite. Then we’ll be heading for the Four Corners. We love this area but haven’t visited here in more than ten years. Then we’ll weave our way through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and then Indiana to visit with our youngest daughter. We’re planning to take a side trip with her to Nashvlle, Tennessee.

Our most eastern destination will be Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. My sister and her husband will be joining us there. We’ll stay in Gettysburg for a Roads Scholar “educational adventure.” Both men in our party are big history buffs, but my sister and I think we can hold our own on this tour.

After Gettysburg we’ll head back west along the top section of the country. We’ll stop in Portland to see the two granddaughters and their parents. We haven’t seen them since July. We’ll arrive back in northern California just in time to drive on to Fresno for a family wedding. We may just make a quick trip to Yoseite, just so we come full circle.

My plan is to find internet service at least once a week so I can catch up on my blog. I want to share a Road Report with you. Don’t despair, however, if my posts are late. We’ll do our best to keep in touch.

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