On the Road by Jack Kerouac

I finally finished reading On the Road. That is one of those books everyone says is a must-read. Well, now I can check it off my list. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the people Kerouac meets on his cross-country trips. I wasn’t crazy about his friends or the “beat” lifestyle.

My review is posted over at Quirky Girls Read. Please feel welcome to come and visit with me there. Here is the link: On the Road at Quirky Girls Read

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4 Responses to On the Road by Jack Kerouac

  1. It’s still on “my list tbr”, just not sure what to expect so I keep putting it off…LOL

  2. Ti says:

    I have a copy and do plan to read it at some point, but I think the “beat” lifestyle might turn me off to it.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I read this one a couple of years ago and didn’t particularly enjoy it. However, I stumbled across a video on Youtube of Kerouac reading some of it – and then I totally got it. Listening to the novel allowed me to get so much more of a feel for the rhythm and flow of it – I think I would have enjoyed it much more had I been able to listen to the entire thing.

  4. amy says:

    I had already read this book and i enjoyed a lot.. I think this is the best book to read..

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