We Have New Babies At Our House and Visitors Too

Our new baby chicks have arrived! It’s so exciting!  In this picture they are only five days old. My son ordered 25 chicks but received a few extras – just in case. How were they delivered to us? you ask. I learned there is a modern-day version of the stork – the U.S. Post Office. My son received the phone call at 5:30am that the chicks had arrived.

We have White Leghorns, Red Stars and one all-black chick whose breed I don’t know. That’s the one the breeder threw in for free. They are all female and already vaccinated. Some of these chicks will find other homes when they are older. The rest will be replacements for our current flock who are now the “senior ladies.”

What is even more exciting than the baby chicks is our visitors – our two granddaughters (and their parents). They arrived the old-fashioned way: by air. Our animal lover, Lou, is seen above with one of the White Leghorn she has named Fluff.

And this is our book lover, Q. We have lots of things planned while they are here the next two weeks. The fun of caring for our new babies will, I’m sure, be a highlight of the trip.

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