Agatha Christie: Murder In the Mews

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1937

Genre: Detective Fiction

My Rating: C+

Murder In the Mews is the title of the first novella in this four novella book. The story features our old friend Hercule Poirot and Superintendent Japp. The two are called to a home shared by two women. One of them is dead.

At first sight it looks like a suicide, but there are several things not right in the room where the body is found. The clincher is when they discover the murder weapon has no fingerprints on it. It’s also in the wrong hand. Poirot and Japp meticulously set to work gathering all the evidence and piece the story together.

Murder In the Mews is a simple story in which we only meet two other characters beside the two detectives. There is the dead woman’s housemate, Jane Plenderleith and the slimy Major Eustace. With only two characters it makes it fairly simple to figure out who is guilty. On the other hand, Madame Christie wouldn’t dream of giving us a “simple-to-figure-it-out” story. There is a clever twist at the end.

This story is not an outstanding one compared to Agatha Christie’s other works. It is, however, the best story in this book. That’s why I rated this book a C+. Don’t skip over the book or this story because of what I just said. It’s worth checking out for yourself.

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