Book Review: The Reversal

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company, 2010

Genre: Legal/Crime Ficfion

My Rating: B+


Mickey Haller (the Lincoln Lawyer) has always been a shining star for the defense. But now, the District Attorney for Los Angeles asks him to work as a special prosecutor.

Although most people are surprised, Mickey agrees to take the job. He agrees only if he can have two people working with him: Harry Bosch, a seasoned LSPD detective and Maggie McPherson, a skilled prosecutor. (The three have history together. Bosch is Mickey’s step-bnother and Maggie is Mickey’s first ex-wife who he still loves.)

The case that the District Attorney is so eager to hand off to Mickey is that of a convicted child murderer. After 24 years, new DNA evidence has allowed the killer to go free. Everyone believes he’s still guilty, but Mickey’s team has to take a look at all the old evidence and prove it.

Harry Bosch secretly follow the convict. His instincts tell him he is still the slime-ball he was 24 years ago. He would readily kill again. Maggie McPherson does some good investigative work as she discovers a possible witness who is in hiding. And Mickey is the man in the middle coordinating everything and playing his usual tricks – this time in the prosecutor’s chair.

In addition to the evil convict is another moral deviatre, the defense attorney representing him. He’s a genius at manipulating the press and public opinion. He appears to be equal to Mickey’s defense machinations. Unfortunately for him, Mickey is one step ahead of him. He’s used most of those tricks before.

My Thoughts:

This was another superb novel from the amazing Michael Connelly. I don’t know how he keeps coming up with these great stories. I especially liked seeing Mickey, Harry and Maggie altogether in one book and all working on the same side. I also liked that the author pulled the two daughters (Harry’s plus Mickey and Maggie’s) together, even though it was brief. Perhaps there is a plan to feature the two of them in future books.

I liked the twist of having Mickey cross over to the defense table. I’d like to see that again too. He thinks like a defense attorney but has to bring his passion to presenting the government’s case. He did a great job.

The story was a good one. It moved quickly, with lots of twists. The ending caught me by surprise. I won’t share that with you because I want you to have the fun of reading it. Just let me say that I didn’t see the story ending as it did. It was very satisfying and kept me thinking for a long time after the end of the book.

I read this book via audiobook. The narrator, Peter Giles, did an excellent job. His slightly gravelly voice is Mickey Haller.

Legal/Crime Fiction lovers: Grab this one.

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5 Responses to Book Review: The Reversal

  1. I love Michael Connelly but have quite a few of his books to read, including this one. It sounds great to me!

  2. Staci says:

    This sounds great and I love the fact that the narrators voice really matched the character! I’m always looking for good/great audio books to listen to! Excellent review!

  3. Beth F says:

    I love Connelly too — I haven’t gotten to this but you can be sure I will.

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  5. Library list (for Bill)…not my genre, but he loves them.

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