Favorite Place: The Redwoods and The Coast

We haven’t been traveling about as much as we did when we first retired. But we did manage to take a little trip  meandering up the northern coast and on over to take a closer look at the giant redwood trees.

The northern coast is different from the southern California beaches. Up north the beach can mostly be seen from high above cliffs. It also seems to be more rugged and filled with boulders.

There is special are up in Humboldt County – north in northern California. As we’ve traveled on Highway 101 we’ve seen this road but have never stopped. It’s called the Avenue of the Giants. It’s 32 miles of redwood groves. The road is a quiet, two-lane with plenty of turn-outs and a picnic area.

We stopped, pulled the deck chairs out and absorbed the beauty of the trees. One of the things I enjoy about being in the midst of a bunch of trees is the variety of leaves and the color green. It’s perfect for settling jangled nerves and setting your mind at peace.

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