Book Review: Lethal

Author: Sandra Brown

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, Sept. 2011

Genre: Romantic Suspense

My Rating: B

Romantic Suspense is a genre I read when I’m super-tired, sick, or burnt-out. It doesn’t require a lot of brain power or emotional involvement. I am not putting this genre down as it has provided me with many hours of entertainment. During the most stressful days during my career I was grateful to the leading authors in this genre for helping me relax.

Sandra Brown has been one of the leading authors in Romantic Suspense for several decades. She has over 60 novels to her credit, and very few have disappointed. She always manages to take me away to a different world.

In Lethal, one of the author’s newest, I was taken away to Louisiana. Here, widow Honor and her four-year-old daughter Emily, are taken captive in their home by Lee Coburn. Coburn is supposedly a mass murderer, but some of his actions make me think he’s something else.

When Coburn reveals to Honor that her husband’s death was not an accident, she begins to respect Coburn and looks a little bit deeper at his actions. In actions away from Honor and Coburn, the reader becomes aware that the local police might be dirty. I even suspected the local FBI.

In addition to Coburn’s identity, there are two good mysteries in the story.. One is that Honor’s dead husband, a former cop, had a secret notebook hidden somewhere. Everyone is looking for it and no one has a clue where it might be. The other mystery is the identity of the super-bad guy known as the bookkeeper. The two mysteries are not revealed until the end and both were a surprise to me. That’s the sign of a good mystery.

This is a romance novel so there is some of that intimate stuff in it that makes some people skip these novels. Don’t skip the novel – just skip those pages. Overall, it’s a good story.


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