Happy Memorial Day

I hope all of you here in the U.S. are enjoying the first long weekend of the summer. I do remember how much I used to enjoy these three-day events. Now that I’m retired, people actually have to remind me when these holidays are coming up.

In the “olden days” we used to spend this day gathering garden bouquets and visiting cemeteries. I always loved hearing the stories told with pride about our ancestors. I thought it was a great tradition. I grew up with a wonderful sense of coming from interesting people.

Today we usually spend our long weekends with family and friends. I’m sure you do the same. Here in northern California we are going to spend the day in the garden. It is shaping up to be a fantastic garden year. All of the winter rains were very helpful to the soil. Today’s planting will include all the 16 pepper seedlings we have. We have a good variety of both chili peppers (mild to extra hot) and sweet peppers. We already have 14 tomates plants, loads of potatoes, peas, and all the other good greens.

As to reading – I’ll spend some time with an audiobook or two. I just started listening to Reversal by Michael Connelly. I so enjoy his crime thrillers. The last couple of weeks I’ve been on a romantic suspense kick, so Reversal is a nice change.

I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been so supportive this past month. My hand is feeling much better and I’m able to type for longer periods each day. I hope to be back to normal in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I hope your day will be fun and restful and totally memorable.

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