Food For the Big Game

As many of you know, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. This is a big event in the US. It’s the one day everyone is a football fan. For the majority of the celebrants it’s really just an excuse to party.

Nothing against a good party, unless you seriously want to watch the game. My husband played football in high school and has been a fan ever since. Football in our house is serious business. We have religiously followed the various teams during the season. Tomorrow’s game will determine which team is the best. We don’t mind being social before and after the game. Just don’t talk about anything except football while the game is being played. (Gossip about the players is permitted.)

Serious football fans at our house are serious about their football food too. I usually prepare a crock-pot full of something that can take care of itself, like chili. Tomorrow’s food will be a combination of the tried and true and a fairly new favorite (Crab Dip). In case you are still looking for an idea for tomorrow, let me tell you what I’m planning.

For half-time:

  • Chili with crackers and/or Fritos (An extremely delicious recipe given to me by fellow blogger Alex @ the Children’s War. Alex has the recipe on her Weekend Cooking post today as well. It’s here.)

Snacks during the game:

  • French onion dip (from the store) with carrot and celery sticks, radishes, cucumbers
  • Crab dip with cucumbers
  • Margot’s Shrimp Dip spread on crackers

Most of the others coming over tomorrow will also bring more food, so we’ll not go hungry. I usually set out a bowl of fruit, a bowl of Peanut M & Ms as well and popcorn.

I’ve already featured most of these dishes in the past, so you can click on the title if you’re interested in a recipe. There’s one more favorite snack food that I should mention. I hadn’t planned to make it tomorrow, but I’ll bet lots of other folks will be. It’s my Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels. I gave this recipe on a post last February and it’s become the number one post on my blog. Imagine that!! They are pretty good. Maybe I need to re-think this.  ‎

No matter which team you’re cheering for tomorrow, I hope you have fun and that your food is delicious. If you watch with serious football nuts, try not to talk about anything but football during the game.

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