Wondrous Words #147

In today’s edition of Wondrous Words Wednesday I have only one word. It’s, of course, new to me but also very interesting. The word is from Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai.

The word is durian and here is how it was used in the book:

No one has offered

to share

what I smell: sardines, dried durian,

salted eggs, toasted sesame.

The word durian was not in my dictionary, so I checked Wikipedia. There I found the nicest explanation and several great pictures. I learned that durian is a fruit grown on beautiful trees in Asia, primarily southeast Asia. “It is oval, spiny, and contains a creamy pulp. Despite it’s fetid smell, it is highly esteemed for its flavor.”

Uses for durian seem to be for a variety of sweets: candy, cookies, ice cream, and so forth. There are also some traditions regarding this fruit. Some consider it a medicine, and others say it is bad to eat it with coffee or alcohol. Still others consider it an aphrodisiac and state certain rules for it’s use. To read more, visit Wikipedia here: durian

I’m curious – Has anyone seen a durian or had experience with it?

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