Book Review: Original Sin

Full Title: Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure

Author: Beth McMullen

Publisher: Hyperion. July. 2011

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

My Rating: A

Source: Review copy from the publisher

Summary (from the author’s website):

On the surface, Lucy Hamilton looks just like all the other stay-at-home San Francisco moms. She takes her three-year-old son, Theo, to the beach, to the playground, and to the zoo. She folds laundry and plays on the floor with Matchbox cars until her knees ache.

What no one knows about Lucy, not even her adoring husband, is that for nine years Lucy was Sally Sin, a spy for the United States Agency for Weapons of Mass Destruction. And that’s just the way Lucy wants to keep it—a secret.

My thoughts:

This book was so much fun to read that I’m going to try to restrain myself from giving away the whole story and flooding you with a ton of quotes. But, no guarantees.

I knew I’d like Lucy from the very beginning. She tells her story in the first person with the kind of understated humor I like. Like this:

” . . . I can still kill an adult male twice my weight with one precisely placed punch in the chest. This is not something I tell the other moms at the playground.

“Hey, Lucy, I hear you used to be a spy. Got any extra wipes in that bag? Or maybe an AK-47 lifted off some rebel in Afghanistan?”

Back when Lucy was Sally and working for the agency, there was this amazingly handsome enemy agent, Blackford, who often would capture her. He really liked Sally and always let her go unharmed. And then he was killed, or so everyone thought. Now he’s somewhere in San Francisco and Lucy/Sally’s former boss want to use her as bait.

As Lucy reluctantly helps, she tells us of her exploits during her years as a  spy. She managed to go to some exotic places. Those stories are woven into the tales of her life now. How Lucy managed to pull off her investigation, without her husband getting wise, was interesting. I admit to being skeptical at first but, in the end,  I found Lucy to be a believable character.

Recommend? Yes, definitely. It’s just plain fun reading. Anyone who has mothered a three-year-old will love this. Lucy convinced me that her days in espinonage was tame compared to mothering a three-year-old. If you’ve been wanting to try the “thriller” genre, this is a fairly tame one to start on. A good way to get your feet wet. Original Sin has the feel of a series. I hope so. I’m ready for the next book.

About the author:

While reading Original Sin I was very curious about the author. I knew she had to have been a mother. Sure enough. She has two children as well as a husband. They live in Davis, California. It’s hard to believe, but this is Beth McMullen’s first novel. For more about Beth McMullen, check out her website: HERE

Check your local library or your local bookstore for copies of this book. Original Sin is also available at Amazon. (I am an Amazon Associate.)


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7 Responses to Book Review: Original Sin

  1. Wasn’t this just the most fun? I recommended it to a neighbor, and she told me as soon as she finished, she had enjoyed it so much she started it AGAIN!

  2. I can still remember what it’s like to have a 3 year old, so I think this book sounds like a lot of fun! Great review!

  3. What a fun story! I love the idea of a spy mom.

  4. Wow — kinda’ made me feel old — my granddaughter has a three year old! Good grief. But I do still remember. And the book sounds fun.

  5. Staci says:

    This one sounds like a riot to me!! Loved your review!

  6. stacybuckeye says:

    A thriller you blessed with an A? I’m sold! I can’t imagine getting much done with a 1 year old, but hey, who needs to sleep?

  7. Tami says:

    Sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for reviewing it – I probably would have missed it otherwise.

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