Book Review: Picture Of Lies

Author: C.C. Harrison

Publisher: Five Star Publishing, 2011

Genre:  Mystery

My Rating: B


Journalist Keegan Thomas has been given an old photo of her grandfather. In addition to her grandfather, a group of people, adults and children, are in the photo. Keegan doesn’t know any of them. The picture was taken in the 1950s in Monument Valley when her grandfather was a doctor at the Navajo clinic there.

Keegan’s instincts tell her there is a story here. She’s even more convinced the photo is hiding secrets when she travels to Monument Valley to do some research. As she begins to show the picture around she notices various reactions. Some people show fear and some don’t recognize anyone, but she knows they’re lying. Keegan is tenacious and she keeps trying. What or who is in this picture and why is everyone acting so negatively?

Keegan has some other things bothering her in her life. Her daughter disappeared a few years ago and authorities have given up on finding her. Keegan has focused all of her anger and grief into a series of articles written about other missing children. When she learns that one of the children in the picture was taken by missionaries to a school but was never seen again, she pushes even harder to find the answers about the picture.

My Thoughts:

I liked the story-line of this mystery. There were enough twists to keep me coming back. The setting, Monument Valley in Utah and Arizona, is a beautiful and unique area. (The picture above was taken north of Monument Valley two years ago.)  Also, I liked most of the characters.

And that’s about where the pluses ended for me. I just couldn’t love this book. I thought it could have used about 100 less pages. There was a lot of extraneous story material and characters that didn’t go anywhere. It’s really too bad because it was a great story line.

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11 Responses to Book Review: Picture Of Lies

  1. Beth F says:

    THat’s disappointing. The premise sounds good and I love the setting.

  2. Annie says:

    Your summary was so interessant, that I was disappointed too in reading your thoughts 8 It’s always so sad when a book is not a good one and in aging I’m always a little angry whe I reaad one !

  3. That is too bad. It sounds like the book could have used a good edit. I appreciate and value your honest opinion.

  4. TheBookGirl says:

    Sorry this one wasn’t better…sometimes less is more, and it sounds like that would have been true here.

  5. I love the idea of a story springing from an old photo.

  6. Barbara says:

    Great idea but poor follow-through I guess. I agree that an editor should have caught the excess length.

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  8. Too bad you didn’t love the book but what an amazing photo!

  9. I’m sorry that this wasn’t a favorite for you, but thanks for being on the tour.

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  11. These picture are one of the most adventure places of the world .These places are attract many of the people for their scene.

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