Book Review: Threads West

Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal

Publisher: Rockin’ SR Publishing, 2010

My Rating: C


Threads West begins in the year 1855. There appears to be restless people all over the world who are eager to travel thousands of miles to an unknown country in order to better their lives. This is the story of a few of those people and what drove them to take such a risk. Let me introduce you to the people who inhabit Threads West.

  • Johannes has been caught sleeping with the wife of an important man. He chooses to leave his home country of Demark rather than spend the rest of his life in the dungeon.
  • Reuben is one of four brothers on a farm in Prussia. Because they are unable to expand their farm, their father decides that Reuben must go to the “new world” and find new land.
  • Sarah is a seamstress in partnership with her sister. It’s the glowing letters from her aunt in New York City that pushes Sarah to choose the New World over the Old.
  • Jacob is a gambler who needs to get out of Ireland. His hot temper and selfish ways have put him in danger. He escapes by sheer cunning on a boat bound for New York.
  • Rebecca is a spoiled English woman, accustomed to wealth and status. But now, after her father’s death, the business her grandfather founded is gone. Her only hope seems to be a mysterious map and instructions about an investment in America.
  • Inga is a beautiful young woman living in New York. She’s survived since childhood by using both her wits and her beautiful body.
  • Zeb is already in the American West. He’s been collecting beaver pelts for about nine months when the story opens. He’s heading to Cherry Creek (later known as Denver) to hopefully get a high price for all that fur.

My thoughts:

Threads West is Book One in a six-book saga about some of the people who came to the American West and attempted to build a good life or to amass a fortune. The varied characters in this first book represent the real settlers who came. At least I believe that is the intent of the author. It’s a good premise for a book but, unfortunately for me, it didn’t work well in Threads West.

I never felt I knew the characters well enough to care about what happens to them after this book. The only character I felt sympathetic to was Zeb, the mountain man. He wasn’t comfortable with people, preferring the forests and the mountains. I’m sure his life in future books is not going to go well.

This first book in the series was spent introducing each one of the characters and then how they came together. Just as the story was starting to take off, it stopped. I guess that was supposed to be a teaser for Book Two. For me it didn’t work.

I love tales of the Old West as I know you’ve seen in my recent reviews for The Big Sky and The Day the Cowboys Quit. I’m sorry I couldn’t like this one. I really wanted to.

This is Book #3 for C.B.’s Hop-along, Git-along, Read-along Western Reading Challenge.

My review copy was provided by Rebecca of the Cadence Group.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Threads West

  1. It’s funny how names come and go. You can almost tell the time the book is set in by the character names!

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  4. Staci says:

    That stinks!! Because if it had worked for you, you would have had a lot of great reading to look forward to.

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