Book Review: Almost Home

Author: Mariah Stewart

Publisher: Ballantine Books, 2011

Genre: Romance

Format: Paperback, 368 pages

Source: The publisher for a TLC Book Tour

My Rating: B

This is Book 3 is Mariah Stewart’s Chesapeake Diary Series. I read and reviewed the second book (Home Again) last September so I was looking forward to this one. The main character, Steffie,  in Almost Home made a small appearance in Home Again and I knew I wanted to know more about her.

Actually, I knew I’d like a whole story about Steffie. Steffie is a young woman who’s very creative, particularly when it comes to ice cream. She owns her own shop, One Scoop Or Two, in the tourist town of St. Denis, right on the Chesapeake Bay. What makes Steffie a unique ice cream maker is that she creates all her own ice creams.

She uses cream from organically raised cows and other pure ingredients to enhance the ice cream flavors. Every day Steffie makes up fresh batches of her regular flavors of ice cream and then also creates new flavors like lemon meringue or chocolate monster mash. She’s also becoming known for her special cone creations.

Making ice cream every day is one of the things Steffie has wanted to do since she was a teenager. As a teen she’d also dreamed about being married and having a family. Unfortunately, those dreams haven’t turned out so well. Primarily because she’s always had this “thing” for Wade MacGregor. He’s four years older, went away to college and has been gone ever since, except for an occasional visit.

Wade has always been out of Steffie’s reach yet she is still attracted to him. She thought he might be interested in her for one night about six months ago when he was cozy with her at a wedding. But then, he went back to his home in Texas and she heard nothing more.

Then, one day Steffie looked up from her ice cream scooper and he was right there in her shop. Along with him was a cute little boy who was calling him Daddy. Until the day he came back to town, no one knew anything about Wade’s son. Not a relative or a friend. Wade does not want to talk about it. He closed his successful brewery in Texas and is back in St. Denis. Everyone wants to know what’s going on, including Steffie.

Almost Home was as good a story as the previous one. I like the way Mariah Stewart tells a story. She will drop a little part of the story in one chapter that has the reader eager to know more. Then she’ll keep up guessing for several more chapters until we learn a little bit more and so on.

The characters Mariah Stewart writes are close to real. She especially knows how to make children lovable. I like that all the characters play a part in this series. Each book will focus on one or two people and the other characters are there in supporting roles. Then it’s other character’s turn in the next book. This means that every book stands alone. I like it that way as it’s fun to re-visit with the characters who were featured in previous books.

If you like romances that are a lot more than a love story, you’ll like these books. I’d recommend this series for a good summer vacation stash.


The publisher has agreed to send one copy to one of my readers. (US/Canada only. No PO boxes.) Please tell me in the comment section if you wish to be considered for a free copy. I’ll keep it open for a week.

If you’d rather buy a copy, they are available at Amazon (I am an Amazon Associate.)

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Thanks TLC Book Tours for asking me to join the tour. I don’t know how you manage to get the best books, but I’m grateful.

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10 Responses to Book Review: Almost Home

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  2. Tami says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by this author. Sounds like I better check her out next time I’m at the library. Thanks.

  3. RAnn says:

    Sounds like a good one. I’d love to win. ruthjoec at aotdotcom

  4. kaye says:

    sounds sweet 🙂 If they would send it as an e-book for the kindle I’d be interested in a copy.

  5. Lisamm says:

    It sounds perfect for summer!! Thanks so much for being on the tour.

  6. Susan says:

    This one sounds like a great summer read. I love finding new authors to add to my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Helen says:

    Margot’s review of Almost Home is spot-on. I urge you to read all of Mariah’s Chesapeake Diaries – you won’t be disappointed. They’re are good as, well, homemade ice cream on a hot summer day!

  8. Martha says:

    I keep meaning to read Mariah Stewart’s books but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, even if I don’t win I’m going to move her up on my “to read” list.

  9. Staci says:

    I really want to read this series…it sounds great and as you mentioned in a comment you left on my blog we really do have similar reading tastes so I know I’ll like it!

  10. This sounds good – I wonder why you only give it a B? But heck, romance and ice cream, what could be bad? Please enter me! :–)

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

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