Wondrous Words #96

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a game I play every week as I keep a good eye open for new-to-me words. However, this week I thought I’d do something different. I want to celebrate this word:

It’s a word we see a lot this time of year along with “. . .  and goodwill.”  I read an incredible poem/book by Maya Angelou which I will tell you about tomorrow. It’s called Amazing Peace. I’ve read it over and over and it got me to thinking about the whole concept of peace.

It reminded me of a book I bought while visiting the United Nations. That book is The Book of Peace by Todd Parr. The book was located in the children’s section but it seemed appropriate for everyone. Here are a few of the definitions of peace in the book:

  • Peace is making new friends.
  • Peace is listening to different kinds of music.
  • Peace is everyone having a home.
  • Peace is learning another language.
  • Peace is being who you are.

And then I looked up all the different words for peace, the synonyms: calm, halcyon, incruental, irenic, pacific, serenity, amity, congeniality, contentment, equanimity, harmony, quietude, rest, silence, stillness, sympathy, and tranquility. That’s only a few available. (The one in red was new to me.)

PEACE is my Wondrous Word for the week. I’ll leave you with a picture of the book and the final page of the book which contains a message from the author.

Peace is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others.

The world is a better place because of you!

Love, Todd

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7 Responses to Wondrous Words #96

  1. What a creative way to do this post!

  2. Cerrin says:

    I liked this word day. This is a great one. Thanks

  3. Fabulous post! Peace is a fabulous word and one that I wish we had more of in this world!

  4. bur·qa or bur·ka (bo͝orˈkə)
    A loose, usually black or light blue robe that is worn by Muslim women, especially in Afghanistan, and that covers the body from head to toe.

    From the book Lipstick in Afghanistan (page 1) by Roberta Gately.

  5. And that is a perfect post for the season Margot! Merry Christmas to all and Namaste (Yoga class vocabulary!)

  6. What a great word to focus on and a great way to do it. Thanks for that thought. I love the idea of Wondrous Words Wednesday. What a cool concept. And yes, irenic is a new word for me too. I’ll be looking that one up…Thanks.

  7. Staci says:

    I love the word that you picked and the way that you showcased it today 😀

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