Book Review: Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion

Ever since Kaye at The Road Goes Ever Ever On clued me into the Kindle Daily Post blog, I’ve downloaded quite a number of books. The Kindle Daily Post reviews a variety of books, magazines, games and so forth that are available on Kindle.

I’m a real sucker for the free and inexpensive ones. This particular book, Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion, intrigued me because  it was inexpensive (2.99), the plot was interesting, and I liked the author’s story.

After her book was rejected for years, Karen McQuestion decided to self-publish on Kindle. That first book, A Scattered Life, was so successful that it has film options and the author has gone on to add four more books to her list.

Easily Amused is a light-hearted story about Lola, a young woman about to turn thirty, who’s feeling as if she hasn’t accomplished all the things she should have by now. She’s single with no steady boyfriend and no prospects. She’s feeling that cultural pressure.

But, Lola actually has some great things going for her: She’s the editor of a monthly parenting magazine, she recently inherited a great old house in a wonderful neighborhood, and she has two very supportive, long-time friends.

The thorn in Lola’s life is her younger sister Mindy. Mindy is constantly putting Lola down. Life is a competition to Mindy. She’s already gorgeous and engaged to her high-school sweetheart but she feels the need to either one-up or put-down Lola.

Mindy suddenly decides to change her wedding date to coincide with Lola’s thirtieth birthday. In addition she’s going to have a separate cake just for Lola and make a big production at the reciption. Lola knows her sister is doing this just to show everyone what a loser Lola is.

Lola’s good friend Piper sets in motion a plan to have Lola announce her engagement to this rich, mysterious, movie-star-handsome guy at the reception. Of course the engagement is fake but the guy is not. He’s willing to play along. Lola is smitten but I am shouting at her to beware of guys who look too good to be true.

In the meantime, Lola’s other very good friend, Hubert, who she has known since seventh grade, is kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. Lola allows him to stay at her place and he fits in quite well with all the Lola’s great neighbors. And I’m saying – Lola, look at this guy. He’s one of the good ones.

As the wedding approaches Lola is having second thoughts about deceiving her family and friends. Lots of things start happening in the week before the wedding and it comes to a very satisfactory ending.

I liked this story up to a point. I lost patience with Lola and the rivalry between her and her sister. It seemed a bit too childish. Lola had a lot going for her but it seemed silly that she let her sister get to her.

On the other hand, I didn’t abandon the book. It’s told in the first person with a light, self-depracting style. I liked the characters of Lola, Hubert and the neighbors. I also had no problem with Ms. McQuestion’s writing. Very well done.

Easily Amused made for a nice frothy read while I was traveling. If you are interested, it’s available here: Easily Amusedon Kindle, and here: Easily Amusedin paperback:

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5 Responses to Book Review: Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion

  1. Oh my gosh what an interesting post Margot! I had never imagined anyone self-publishing direct to Kindle (I am going to order my own as soon as I have six extra seconds!).

  2. I don’t get that competition between siblings either – that ended for my sister and I when we were teen-agers. This sounds like it might be a good beach read.

  3. Staci says:

    I like that Kindle post and will have to check it out while I’m babysitting my son’s kindle!! 2.99 isn’t a bad price for a nice frothy read 😀

  4. Beth F says:

    Sounds like a good beach read. My brothers and I get along great and had only the usual, mild squabbles when we were teens. Maybe if I had had a sister, I would understand the competition better.

  5. kaye says:

    I downloaded 8 free books last month. I think it’s a great feature for kindle, promoting books like that. Some of them are pretty good, but some of the stories are a little weak.

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