Have You Met Charlotte Yet?

Last month I introduced you to Charlotte (Charlie) McNally. She’s the (fictious) investigative reporter for Channel 3 News in Boston. She was the star in the book, Prime Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan. The author has written three more books.

All four of the books feature Charlie, and I’m glad they do. Charlie is a great character and I have to tell myself she is not real. Charlie is single although in Prime Time she meets the love of her life and he is still with her in the fourth.

Charlie has a great career and she’s very good at it. She’s very curious and seems to have that sixth sense for a good story. Each one of the books investigates a story that I swear I seen or read about. Charlie and her bottomless pit of a tote bag are always willing to risk everything to see a project to it’s end.

As I was reading the books I saw the author in the role of Charlie. Hank Phillippi Ryan is also an investigative reporter for a Boston TV channel. I can’t help but wonder if what I’m reading actually happened. Knowing the author’s background really enhanced the story for me.

Lucky for me, I had all four books. Once I finished one I picked up the next and started in. By the time I got to book four I slowed down. It was fun and I didn’t want it to end so I read just a little at a time. I decided to tell you about the last three books all at once in this post. Her is a short synopsis of each one.

In Face Time Charlie fights for justice, journalism—and the battle against on-the air aging. (And for that dishy professor she met on the job.) The good news: she’s got explosive evidence to free an innocent woman from prison. The bad news: that makes Charlotte—and someone she loves—the killer’s next target.

Who better to crack the story than Boston’s own version of Brenda Starr? Unfortunately, the prime source won’t talk, the attorney general is trying to block the investigation, and the more Charlotte snoops around, the more people turn up dead.

An extended visit from her persnickety mother isn’t helping And the incredibly sexy new love of her life may be the picture of perfection, but that includes a close up of a prickly preteen who isn’t keen on sharing her daddy with Charlotte.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Air Time Charlie enters the glamorous and high-stakes world of high fashion…and soon discovers when the purses are fake—the danger is real.

To break her latest big-money blockbuster, Charlotte must go undercover—but what if the bad guys recognize her? This savvy TV journalist must face more than her fear of flying when her inside scoop on designer duplicates suddenly turns deadly.

Carrying a hidden camera and dressing to deceive, Charlie finds she’s not the only one disguising her identity. Nothing—and no one—is what they seem. And that means nothing—and no one—can be trusted. In her high-risk job and in her suddenly steamy love life, how can she tell the real thing?

Charlie is forced to make some life-changing—and life and death—decisions. With only a split-second to act and with her own life in the balance, Charlie knows if she chooses wrong it will be the last decision she ever makes.

~~ ~ ~ ~

In Drive Time Charlie is an expert at keeping things confidential, but suddenly everyone has something to hide—and even Charlie realizes it’s possible to know too much.

Her latest television scoop—an expose of a dangerous car scam, complete with stakeouts, high-speed chases and hidden-camera footage—is ratings gold. Now, in the prime time of her journalism career, it seems like Charlie’s dreams are about to come true. If she can just balance her career and her upcoming wedding—perhaps she can really have it all.

But soon Charlie’s personal and professional lives are put on a terrifying collision course. Her fiancé is privy to information about ugly phone calls at an elite private school, threats that are suddenly turning deadly. There’s a mysterious death. And then—another. Her soon-to-be stepdaughter may be in danger. Her fiancé comes under suspicion. Then Charlie’s career takes a turn she never could have predicted.

I guess you can tell I really liked these books. For a great behind-the-camera look at TV news, you can’t beat these fun and page-turning books.

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7 Responses to Have You Met Charlotte Yet?

  1. I wrote the name of this series down when you talked about it last, and then promptly lost my note, so I’m glad for the reminder! It looks like fun!

  2. I haven’t met Charlie, but it sure sounds like I need to soon!

  3. Kay says:

    I’m planning on reading these soon. I won a copy of Drive Time recently and I think I have all 3 of the others on my Kindle. Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for sharing about them!

  4. cerrin says:

    I love stories that show smart women that get all the stuff done and still look great. lol
    I would love to read these…

  5. Sound like a great series. I may add them to the libraries want list.

  6. Stacy says:

    This series is on my wiah list. It looks like so much fun 🙂

  7. I’m game for this series…sounds wonderful!

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