Book Review: What I Know

I just finished reading this book that is inspirational, humorous, and a wonderful celebration of the best of what’s inside people. I’m going to give you a summary of the book and share a few quotes. In addition, I’m going to post some quotes from the book over in my left sidebar and keep it going for a while. I don’t want to review it and move on. I want to keep talking about it. It’s that good.

What the book is about:

This slim little book is a compilation of wisdom collected from people who are 100 years-old and ten-years old. The author, Roger Emerson Fishman, traveled the United States interviewing centenarians and children. This volume covers such subjects as Believing In Yourself, Friendship, Preparing For Life, Change, and Longevity.

Each chapter starts with a short synopsis (never more than two pages) about a centenarian who epitomizes that chapter’s theme.  One of my favorites is the chapter on Integrity. Major League Baseball Player, Bill Werber tells about the importance of keeping your word.

Following the short synopsis with the centenarian there are quotes about the topic, primarily from the ten-year-olds. Here’s an example from the chapter on Personal Choice. First, the centenarian’s quote and then two quotes from 1o-year-olds.

“I let my voice be heard for whatever I believed in. I learned hads on that you always have a choice and can make an impact on the world.”

– Ruth Prosekauer Smith, New York, NY

“If you let people push you around, you’re just going to be a pushover and you’re never going to accomplish anything. People will keep picking on you until you accomplish things for them so decide what’s important to you and stand up and go after it.”

– Alex A., Berkley, CA

“When you see people doing mean and disgusting thungs, don’t follow them. Go your own way and it will pay off in your life.”

– Traveasha n., Elaine, AZ

While reading these gems of wisdom, I couldn’t help but think about the gems that have come from my own family. My mom is a decade away from 100 and then there is Q, my oldest granddaughter, who just yesterday left the world of ten to embrace the new world of 11-year-olds. Both are filled with great insights on life and the best way to live it. That is what prompted Roger Fishman to write this book. He followed the advice of his grandfather.

“Real-life wisdom can be found in anyone. We just need to invest the time to care and to listen to those around us. The rewards of feeling more connected and learning from others are beyond compare.”

Check for this book at the public library. It is also available at Amazon.

I received this book from the publicist. I am an Amazon Associate.

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6 Responses to Book Review: What I Know

  1. Beth F says:

    This does sound like a gem of a book!

  2. My mother’s mother got to 104, and I know for me she always (and only) had two pieces of advice: why don’t you wear some rouge? And, don’t forget to take a sweater!

  3. cerrin says:

    Wow that is one of those books to keep arround to glance thru every so often. lol I love those kind of books.

  4. Stacy says:

    I’m going to look for this one. And I love Rhapsody’s grandmother’s advise 🙂

  5. This is off-topic for this post. I just came to re-read your review of “Don’t Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight” which I just finished after reading your review. But the link appears to be broken (or it just might be my computer — I’ve been having some problems). At any rate, I enjoyed this memoir a lot and thank you for sharing about it. I’d have missed it completely without you.

  6. Staci says:

    Yes, I will check my library for this and I really like that you enjoyed this one so much that you’re not ready to part with it. I’ll be looking for the quotes that you post!

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