Book Review: Once in a Blue Moon

BlueMoonby Eileen Goudge

Vanguard Press, 2009

My Rating: A

Lindsey and Kerrie Anne are sisters separated when their stripper mother was sent to prison for selling drugs. Lindsey (age 12) was adopted by a loving older couple while Kerrie Anne (age 3) bounced from one foster home to another. After twenty-seven years, they are together again and it’s like mixing oil and water in a hot skillet.

Lindsey was well educated and now owns a bookstore in Half Moon Bay. She also inherited a ¬†house and twenty acres along the California coast. She’s well read, dresses conservatively, and is at ease with entertaining the clients of her lawyer boyfriend.

Kerrie Ann has been drug and alcohol free for six months. Without a high school education her jobs have been low pay and short term. She dresses in tight jeans and low cut tops and has a streak of pink in her hair. Internally, Kerrie Anne has a strong goal driving her forward: regaining custody of her six-year old daughter. She will do whatever it takes to get her back from the foster couple who want to adopt her, even if it means connecting and moving in with her older sister.

These two women are not perfect, which is good because that makes them appear more human. There are some supporting characters that are also realistic. Miss Honi Love is an elderly former neighbor of the sisters who was more like a mother to them. There is also Ollie, a guy who bakes and runs the cafe inside Lindsey’s bookstore. Though he is five years younger, he is absolutely in love with Kerrie Anne from the beginning.

There is also a very attractive author on the scene. He and Lindsey hit it off right from the beginning as well. The reader, however, suspects there is more to this guy than the external package. Could it be he is involved somehow with the developer who is trying to take over her house and property for a new hotel and golf resort?

With Lindsey fighting to hang on to her home and property, and Kerrie Ann fighting for her daughter, the two sisters must learn to stop fighting each other. They need to learn the values and strengths inherent in strong family bonds.

My outline of the story may remind you of a soap opera but the story is far from that genre. This is a deeply felt tale of two flawed women who are struggling their way through life. There were times in my reading when I didn’t like either one of them, but overall I loved them. I hope that makes sense. It’s much like real life. The author did not rush the story. She let each character develop and worm their way in my heart. What more could a person who loves character rich novels ask for?

EileenGoudgeThis is the first time I’ve read an Eileen Goudge novel. It will not be my last. Here is some information about the author: ¬†Eileen Goudge is the New York Times bestselling author whose novels include The Diary, Domestic Affairs, Woman in Red, One Last Dance, Garden of Lies, and Thorns of Truth. There are more than five million copies of her books in print worldwide. She lives with her husband, entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon, in New York City. You can learn more about the author from her website HERE.

Once in a Blue Moon is available at Amazon.

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7 Responses to Book Review: Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Molly says:

    Lovely review! I am very intrigued by your comment that at times you did not like the characters, but overall you loved them. I love a character driven novel and plan to put this one on the TBR list.

  2. I liked this line: “Lindsey was well educated and now owns a bookstore in Half Moon Bay. She also inherited a house and twenty acres along the California coast.” Wow, there’s some great fantasy! Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?!!!

  3. Kathy says:

    I love books that explore relationships like that! I’ll have to look for this one.

  4. Ti says:

    I like what you said about the oil and water in the hot skillet. Really sets the stage for what’s to come. I enjoy flawed characters too. They just seem to lend a richness to the story.

  5. Staci says:

    I love the way your wrote this review because it has made me want to read this book for sure. I think this would be my first Goudge book!!

  6. Stacy says:

    She wrote one of my favorite teen series growing up. This one has a main character who owns a bookstore and an attractive author? I’m in!

  7. Jenners says:

    This sounds pretty good. I like the idea of how each sister ends up having such a different life. And a character who owns a book store is always a plus in my book. The author’s name sounds familiar but the book titles don’t. She looks very glamourous.

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