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If you are looking for a big book review of this book, you won’t find it here. No discussion of the plot or the literary merits or anything resembling heavy literature. My youngest daughter, Cerrin (my crazy version of Karen) and I have read them ALL. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen is the latest. We decided to go out for dinner and discuss the book.

smlcerrinSo over a plate of chicken fajitas (no margaritas, no fuzzy heads) we talked about Stephanie and Lula and Ranger vs. Morelli. As we talked, I realized I was actually interviewing one of the country’s leading Stephanie Plum fans. I started taking notes. Here’s what Cerrin said:

What is it about these books that you love so much?

Well, each book is a fun, energetic read that I can  relate to. For instance, I have never been to Trenton, New Jersey but I can relate to the town. I can see it as Stephanie’s driving around town. And, the crazy characters – they make me want to know them more. I don’t read these books because they’re heavy literature or romance. They’re not mysteries. They are just a genre of their own – light, fun, fluff.

What was it about Finger Lickin’ Fifteen that you loved?

(She answered with absolutely no hesitation.) There was plenty of super sexy Ranger in this one. Stephanie and Morelli are ‘not a couple’ anymore. She was working for Ranger to help him find who is causing all these break-ins at his clients houses.  So, they spent lots of time together. Plus, Stephanie can’t stay at her apartment so she is ‘forced’ to stay at Ranger’s. (Lula and Grandma Mazur blow up a pressure cooker full of barbeque sauce all over the kitchen. Then the apartment was fire-bombed.) Stephanie sleeps in Ranger’s bed but not at the same time as Ranger. Not that he doesn’t try. He’s just very respectful of her wishes.

So you like Ranger over Morelli?

Well, yeah. It’s hard not to go for Ranger. I mean, how many ways can the man say “Babe.” and you know exactly his facial expression, his body language, what he’s thinking, and what he means. Whew! My brain knows they can’t end up together. Take food for one thing. Ranger is all about health food. Stephanie is all about junk food. Morelli is somewhere in between. He understands her need for beer and meatball subs. Remember in one of the books where something bad had happened and the kindest thing Morelli did for her was to stop at the store and pick up a birthday cake. It had Harry or somebody’s name on it but it was the perfect thing for Stephanie. The reason I see them as not ready to be together yet is Morelli’s not ready to commit and be responsible. By that I mean he’s not ready for a mortgage and family yet. But, then again, neither is Stephanie.

Should Janet Evanovich end the series?

NO, No, no! This is not real life. It doesn’t have to be tidied up. Just let us keep having one good book a year and I’m fine. Of course, I’d love more but I’m okay with one.

We can’t really talk about this book without mentioning Lula since she was a big part of it. What was the funniest scene for you?

Lula cracks me up. She is so out there. But to know her is to love her. Only one favorite scene? I’d have to say the time when she was trying to get into that Dolly Parton dress and Larry was zipping her up and when he finally got her in to it she couldn’t breathe. The zipper broke and Lula hit the floor saying maybe she could lose a couple pounds.

My favorite was when she had on the tight yellow spandex skirt and scoop-neck top and she’s shooting out the window at the bad guys and get’s stuck in the window and . . .

Okay, that’s enough. We could go on forever and that’s already too many spoilers. We managed to talk/laugh for several hours about just this one book. We got our money’s worth out of this book. Lots of reading pleasure and fun talking about it later. Thank you Janet Evanovich.

One more thing. Cerrin found a set of books she thinks are close to the fun of  the Stephanie books. They are the “Bubbles” books by Sarah Strohmeyer. Check them out HERE.

You can buy Finger Lickin’ Fifteen at Amazon

If you are a Stephanie Plum fan, tell us your favorite scene from the book.

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10 Responses to A Stephanie Plum Fan

  1. Kathy says:

    I love Lula too! She’s so out there, but you can’t help but love her self-confidence and style! I think Cerrin’s assessment of Ranger and Joe is right on! I’m going to check out the Bubbles books.

  2. Nicole says:

    Fun conversation! I haven’t read any of these books but it is fun to see how many people are enjoying them.

  3. I love your combo interviews. And your daughter is great!

  4. stacybuckeye says:

    What a fun dinner! I would have loved to join in (although I probably would have ordered a margarita!). I’m finishing up a book today so that I can get to Stephanie and Lula this weekend. I’ve read them ALL too, but you know from some of my reviews that I do think you can overdo a good thing.
    How old is this photo of your daughter?

  5. Jenners says:

    I loved your approach to this book! It was fun to read, and I can see your daughter’s love for the books and characters shining through. I kind of stopped around Book 9, but I would have picked Ranger too! I’m glad you guys are enjoying the series so much!

  6. Cathy says:

    I really do enjoy these “combo” reviews!

  7. What a great excuse to go out and enjoy some mother-daughter time! I may incorporate your technique into the guest reviews that my (younger, and more of a captive audience!) kids help me with .

  8. Cerrin says:

    I would have ordered a margarita too but I was getting over being sick lol and That picture is about 19 years old…I think if she looks at that picture and her favorites of all of us kids she feels that young too. lol
    It is hard for me to catagorize the Plum books. Not a mystery, Not a romance…it is pure fluff to me…and I just really like to read fluff when I can.

  9. Belle says:

    I loved that scene with Lulu too, and how she manages to get unstuck! So funny. And Margot, you and your daughter are so lucky to be able to have such discussions of your favorite books. I really enjoy these posts of yours. I agree about Ranger. It’s always a really good book when there’s more of Ranger in it.

  10. Brandy says:

    I have not read any of these books, but I am thinking about it. I just have one question is there sex in the books, because that is a deal breaker for me. Thanks.

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