Too Many Visitors for One Little House

toomanyWritten by Susan Chodakiewitz

Illustrations by Veronica Walsh

Published by Booksicals, 2009

Are you looking for a good children’s book? Here is one that made me want to climb right inside the pages. It’s so fun and inviting that the kids may have a hard time getting it away from me.

The story takes place in one of those neighborhoods where you might find some crabby neighbors. Have you ever lived in a neighborhood like that? You can see what they look like in the picture on the left (at the top). These three crabby neighbors got even crankier when a new family with three children moved into a house on their street. Lots of noise and activity, you know?

Then the worst thing happened. ¬†One of those horrid RVs arrived! As if that isn’t bad enough, lots and lots of people came pouring out. They had come to visit the new family in the neighborhood. There were so many people going into that house, the crabby neighbors all shouted:


They decided they must do something about it. All that music and laughter and dancing cannot go on!

And that is as much as I’m going to tell you. This is a fun book with the most charming illustrations. It’s a smile and feel good book. It could also be used for a subtle lesson on including others. My only complaint: I will introduce the word ‘stereotype’ to my granddaughters when reading this book to them. Not all grandparents have to arrive for a visit with bottles of prune juice. Overall, it’s fun and this is a good read-to book but also suitable for young readers up to about third grade level.

One of the neat things about this book is that it has been set to music. Hence the title of the publisher – Booksicals. You can hear excerpts from the musical version of the book on their website Too Many Visitors for One Little House. The website has other things to see as well. It includes a recipe for Nanny’s Apple Strudel which is mentioned in the book. I hope you’ll check out both the book and the website.

You can buy Too Many Visitors For One Little House at Amazon.

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4 Responses to Too Many Visitors for One Little House

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  2. Cerrin says:

    I am going to swipe this one away from you so I can read it. lol

  3. I love the illustrations in children’s books. I can spend hours in a bookstore in the children’s section just paging through and admiring them. Thanks for the alert to this one!

  4. Thanks for reviewing my book Margot! Just wanted to share with you a little of the back story to Too Many Visitors for One Little House… The summer we moved into our new house EVERYONE decided to come and visit! All together we had 23 people staying with us. The toilets overflowed, the doors started coming off the hinges, the pipes burst….and the thing we ran out of constantly was TOILET PAPER!!! But what an unforgettable time we had!

    So glad you enjoyed the book. Best regards

    Susie Chodakiewitz
    Too Many Visitors for One Little House

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