Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Deception


From the back of the book:

After Bourne is ambushed and nearly killed while in Bali, he fakes his death to take on a new identity and mission- to find out who is trying to assassinate him. In the process, Bourne begins to question who he really is and what he would become if he no longer carried the Bourne identity.

Across the globe, an American passenger airliner is shot down over Egypt-apparently by an Iranian missile-leaving the world wondering if it was an accident or an act of aggression. A massive global team lead by Soraya Moore is assembled to investigate the attack before the situation escalates.

When Bourne’s search for his would-be assassin intersects with Soraya’s search for the group behind the airplane bombing, Bourne is thrust into a race to prevent a new world war. But it may already be too late.

My husband, Jay, and I are big fans of the Jason Bourne stories. When given the chance to read this new book, we jumped at it. After reading it we sat down and talked about it. Here is some of our discussion. Keep in mind we don’t always agree.

1. In this book Jason Bourne seems indestructible. What do you think?

Jay said: He has near death experiences but I don’t think they were plausible. How can he survive all these things? For me it doesn’t add to the story. I would prefer normal gunshot wounds or knife wounds. But he was shot in the heart, or where his heart should have been. What was that about? It didn’t seem real. They say a cat has nine lives but in this book Bourne has 25.

Margot said: He’s a super-hero. He’s supposed to survive so he can come back for another book.  Okay, I’ll give you that a couple of things seemed a little over the top, but the dramatic coming-back-to-life was just part of the story. For me that’s how a Jason Bourne story is supposed to be.

2. What did you think of the two main female characters (Moira and Soraya)?

Jay said: I liked Moira. She was realistic. She changed jobs by starting her own business, going against a stacked system, and she had a strong backbone. What I didn’t like was when she left Jason in Bali to go back to DC and start her business. If she was really in love with him, she wouldn’t leave him. The character of Soraya didn’t work for me at all. It could have been a man in that role. It seemed to me they made her a female so there would be some love interest in the book and then future movies. Actually, it seemed to me as if the author was writing the book for the movies – the action scenes, the survival of Bourne, the love interest of Moira. It will make a great movie.

Margot said: I thought the best parts of the book were about the women characters. They were strong women, willing to stand up and do the right thing. Moira had to leave Jason on Bali in order to make it look like he was really dead. I also liked the character of Veronica Hart, the Director of Central Intelligence. I wish the author had added more about the politics and in-fighting between the agencies. The character of Soraya didn’t work for me either. She felt contrived, not real. The scene in Khartoum with the Egyptian made him look weak. Not how I think it would have happened in real life.

3. What is your overall assessment of the book?

Jay said: I liked most of the action scenes but I would have liked more realistic action. There were no car chases! Also, you know the attempted assignation at the beginning of the book? I wanted more about that. I needed more information in this book from previous book (The Bourne Sanction) since I didn’t read that one. Overall, it was a fun and easy read for me. It clicked right along. It was engrossing and hard to put down. A nice, intricate plot.

Margot said: I didn’t like it as much as you did. The plot was a little too intricate for me. I needed a list of names to keep track of who’s who. There were so many sub-plots that it took me longer to read the book than it took you. But I did like most of the characters. Jason Bourne’s nemesis, Arkadin, was well-developed. He was so evil and manipulative that I wanted something really bad to happen to him.

Although we may have dissected this book a bit too much, it is still an excellent read. A great book to read together and then discuss. It would make a nice long weekend book. It will probably inspire you to go back and read some of the other Bourne books or you could rent one of the three dvd versions of the movies.

We’d like to thank Miriam at Hachette Book Group for supplying us with an advanced reading copy of this book.

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7 Responses to Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Deception

  1. Beth F says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following Jason Bourne. Thanks for the fun review format.

  2. I’m starting to love book reviews that do it in a non-traditional format — this one was so much fun to read! I recently did a conversation with my sister that was pretty fun. Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. Kathy says:

    I love these joint reviews! My hubby enjoys the Bourne books, too, but he says no one writes them the way Robert Ludlum did.

  4. stacybuckeye says:

    Love hearing from you and your hubby. I’ve not read this series, although I love the series. I’m not sure how many times my hubby has seen them, but alot!

  5. My husband has watched this on television 800 times already so I’m assuming he liked it too! Personally I’m with your husband on preferring more plausible plots. Love the review format! What fun!

  6. Cathy says:

    I loved the original Bourne series and the first one by Lustbader. I bought the last one as a book on tape and listened to it on the way to work – I never would have done this with a Ludlum book.

    Nice review! I liked the format!

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