The 8th Confession

8thconfessionby James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

This story can definitely be called a murder mystery. First there is the brutal murder of Bagman Jesus. It appears he is one of the homeless or street people that everyone loves.

On the opposite end of the economic spectrum, two multi-billionaires are murdered in their bed. What is unusual in this double homicide is that there is no known cause of death – no wounds, a clean toxicology report. How could two very healthy people in their thirties suddenly die?

Since this is the 8th story featuring the Women’s Murder Club, we have plenty of people to help solve the crimes. There is Lindsey Boxer and her partner, Rich Concklin. They are the official police detectives. Then there is Cindy Thomas, an investigative reporter who takes on the Bagman Jesus case. It has become low priority for the police. (Watch for a little something ¬†between Cindy and Rich in this case.) Dr. Claire Washburn (my favorite character) is the medical examiner who is really stumped with the double homicides. Yukie Castellano is the prosecuting attorney who doesn’t get involved much in this book.

My husband and I have loved all the Women’s Murder Club books (except 6 and 7 which we haven’t read yet) as well as the short-lived¬†TV show. We thought this one would be a good one to take along on our cross country driving trip. We took it as an audio-taped book.. The audio was disappointing. We would have preferred a reader who would do various characterizations or accents or tone-of-voice for each of the characters. [It was read by Carolyn McCormick.]

The story was good and we enjoyed the book. It was not all encompassing so my husband could still concentrate on driving and we could enjoy the scenery passing by. We do have a couple of disappointments to share. Two separate murder cases seemed too distracting for the authors. The double homicide was explained and then dropped. It felt as if the authors forgot about it and then came back at the end to fix it. There was a unique murder weapon and I think that story alone would have been enough. The part of the book about the murdered homeless guy was interesting but the ending again felt contrived. It just didn’t seem real or plausible. Overall, we’d rate this a C (if we had a rating system.)

Warning: There are swear words in this book, although appropriate for the story. There is also sex in the book but it’s what Jay calls “soap opera sex”. In other words, they put the sex in just to spice it up but was not necessary to the story. (Well, a couple of times I thought it fit.) So, if swear words and sex offends you, close you eyes or ears for that part of the book. Overall, a good summer read/listen.

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6 Responses to The 8th Confession

  1. Kathy says:

    I read this book and enjoyed it. I think the narrator of an audio can make or break it.

  2. Well, an interesting suggestion to close one’s eyes and ears on the road! :–) No really, it is amazing how few books you can find from contemporary authors who don’t feel they need to spell it all out for you. I feel one’s own imagination is much more effective. AND, you can leave your eyes open while driving! :–)

  3. Cerrin says:

    LOL I cant wait to start on this series.

  4. Bumbles says:

    That’s why I don’t give audio a try – I’m afraid the narrator will annoy me and ruin everything. Next time you get a reader you don’t enjoy – scrap the tape and pick up the book and read it aloud to Jay yourself! I bet you’d do a bang up job – and you could make that soap opera sex entertaining!

  5. Beth F says:

    I wasn’t taken with this series, although the audio productions of books 1 and 2 were good. The series didn’t grab me.

  6. stacybuckeye says:

    I’ve started this one!

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